David Hegg | Patience, Perseverance

For centuries societies depended almost entirely on agriculture. The recognition that ground had to be cleared and plowed, seeds sown, and plants tended was part

Bob Comer | A Lesson for Lois

Re: Lois Eisenberg, letters to the editor, June 21. The fact that  President Donald Trump wasn’t impeached should tell Lois that she should be better

Max Morgan | Another Week, Another Rant

Good grief! Another week. Another repetitive rant from Lois Eisenberg (June 21). Donald Trump is the devil. Republicans are evil. Nobody cares, Lois. Nobody is

Ronald Perry | Is This Constitutional?

How is it constitutional to have the Jan. 6 (committee hearings) held on public television? If they were reporting on the results of the (hearings)

Paul Butler | Diversity and inclusion

Recently I joined the British-American Business Council (BABC) and specifically the Orange County chapter. You’d think it was an exclusive organization (i.e., you’d have to

Gary Horton | Let’s Get the Basics Straight

Everyday real life in America continues, despite our never-ending soul-grinding infighting over guns, reproductive rights, MAGA coups, and residue COVID concerns. Heaven knows, Americans love