Diane Zimmerman | Truths for America

Why does the “panel” not INSIST that ALL Capitol videos of Jan. 6, 2021, be made available to them (as well as the public) to review? Not just the “edited” in mainstream media news?  Oh, that’s right! I forgot… It’s not about getting to the TRUTH! It’s to divert the American citizens from the real damage that the Joe Biden

Ronald Perry | Is This Constitutional?

How is it constitutional to have the Jan. 6 (committee hearings) held on public television? If they were reporting on the results of the (hearings)

Albert Bigelow | Rant vs. Truth

Friday’s (June 17) letter from Richard Myers is full of rant but short on facts. Here are two to be considered before attacking “assault weapons”:

Lois Eisenberg | Exposing the Big Lie

See what has happened when Donald Trump was not impeached. It was said by the experts that Trump not being impeached would play more havoc

Rob Kerchner | Another Shyster with a D

Now we know. Hillary Clinton concocted Russiagate out of whole cloth in order to deflect attention from her own illegalities, ordered her lackeys to send